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Ad Astra PlanetariumSPACE REQUIREMENTS and

• The dome requires a space at least 24 feet by 24 feet, with a minimum 12.5-foot ceiling (this includes any clearance around lighting fixtures, fire sprinklers, etc.). A large multi-purpose space, gymnasium, theater stage, or similar space often works well.

• We require access to an AC outlet within 25' of the dome setup.

• For student groups, at least one teacher or chaperone must be present in the dome along with the presenter.

• A minimum 5-minute break between shows is necessary to give the presenter time to reset the equipment.

• Please remove shoes before entering the dome. No food, drink, or cell phone use in the dome.

• As entering and exiting the dome causes light to enter and the dome to deflate slightly, there should be no entry or exit while a show is in progress.


How many people can attend a show at one time?
The dome can comfortably fit up to about 40 people at once, depending on ages—slightly more with younger kids, slightly fewer with adults. For libraries and similar venues, a pre-registration system is recommended.

Where does the audience sit?
Most attendees will be seated on the floor. A limited number of chairs can be made available for adults unable to sit on the floor, though the best viewing is from floor level.

Is the dome accessible to wheelchairs?
The edge of the dome can be lifted to accomodate wheelchairs and most others with mobility limitations. Contact us if you have questions or particular needs.

How long do you need for setup and teardown?
Setup and teardown take approximately 50 minutes each.

Can the dome be set up outdoors?
Unfortunately, outdoor setup is not possible since the dome is very susceptible to wind.

Is the dome soundproof?
The dome is not soundproof, so a relatively quiet space (without other activities occuring simultaneously) is ideal.

What age range is best for the shows?
Shows are available for all ages! We tailor the material to fit with the age group to which we are presenting. Note, however, that the dark environment of the planetarium dome may be frightening for some small children; aside from our shorter "Intro to the Universe" show for very young children, kids under about age 4 are not recommended.

Can you do shorter or longer shows?
We can adjust show times to fit the needs of the venue. However, due to the time and logistics involved in getting people in and out of the dome, shows shorter than about 20 minutes are not recommended, and shows longer than 50 minutes can get uncomfortable for audience members seated on the floor. As always, contact us if you have specific needs or questions.

Do you present to faith-based groups?
Yes! Church groups please click here for more information.

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