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UPCOMING SHOWSAd Astra Planetarium

• November 21, 2023: Mead Middle School "BASIC" Day, Wichita, KS (private presentations for students)

• November 29, 2023: Park City Senior Center, Park City, KS (open to Sedgwick County residents age 55 or older; click here for details)

• December 5, 2023: Gammon Elementary, Wichita, KS (private presentations for students)

• January 26, 2024: Title I Science Night, Whitson Elementary School, Topeka, KS (private presentations for students)

• February 5-6, 2024: Indian Hills Elementary School, Topeka, KS (private presentations for students)

• February 22, 2024: John Diemer Elementary Science Night, Overland Park, KS (private presentations for students)

Though we are based near Wichita, we regularly travel throughout the state of Kansas and occasionally take "tours" to other regions of the U.S. Contact us to set something up for your area!

Indiananapolis-area tour coming in early March, 2024! Contact us if you know of a venue that might be interested in booking a show.

Previous shows include:
-October 20, 2023: Augusta Middle School telescope night, Augusta, KS
-October 18, 2023: Augusta Middle School, Augusta, KS
-October 12, 2023: Indianola Elementary School, Topeka, KS
-October 3, 2023: Argonia Public Schools, Argonia, KS
-September 29, 2023: St. Catherine of Siena School, Wichita, KS
-September 27, 2023: Satanta Grade School, Satanta, KS
-September 20, 2023: La Cygne Library, La Cygne, KS
-September 18-19, 2023: Rex Elementary, Wichita, KS
-August 31, 2023: Trinity Academy, Wichita, KS
-August 9, 2023: First Christian Church, Augusta, KS
-August 2, 2023: Iowa City Public Library, Iowa City, IA
-August 3, 2023: North Liberty Library, North Liberty, IA

-July 10, 2023: Countryside Christian Church, Wichita, KS
-June 15, 2023: Andover Public Library, Andover, KS
-June 9, 2023: Wellington FWB Church, Wellington, KS

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"Ad Astra" is Latin for "To the Stars." Keep looking up!